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Welcome to IM Well

January 8, 2017

By Linda Smith, PA, MS

Welcome to IM Well!

This blog from Duke Integrative Medicine (IM) Programs is about practical tips and tools to help you thrive in life and in health.  It’s designed to support you in creating a lifestyle that has you feeling your best and able to meet the challenges that life presents with resiliency.

What can you expect to see on our blog?  We will be posting something new every week.  Our posts will alternate between key strategies for how to make successful lifestyle changes that stick, nutrition recipes, movement and exercise tips and short experiential mind/body exercises that you can use throughout your day.  Our goal is to make both the blog and lifestyle changes practical and fun.

You’ll be hearing from many of the faculty and staff of our Integrative Medicine Team at Duke; from our Executive Director to our nutritionists, mind/body faculty, movement and fitness experts to our Programs Department team.  And you’ll be hearing from me, Linda Smith, the Director of Educational Programs at Duke IM and the Founder and Director of our Integrative Health Coach Professional Training.  I’ll be sharing both inspirational stories from people who have made successful changes in their lives and information on how the brain and body work together to make those changes for yourself.

So please join us.  We’re looking forward to providing you, our readers, with inspiration and support over the months to come as we choose to live our lives with intention, fun and vitality.


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