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Beyond the Scale: The Benefits of Consulting a Behavioral Health Specialist for Your Weight Management

June 13, 2023

Embarking on a weight loss journey entails physical changes and addressing the psychological and emotional aspects associated with it. Duke Lifestyle and Weight Management recognizes the significance of a holistic approach to weight loss and has a team of licensed behavioral health clinicians. Explore how working with a behavioral health clinician at Duke Lifestyle and Weight Management can significantly enhance your weight loss journey.

Emotional Challenges and Coping Skills

Embarking on a weight loss journey can trigger many emotions, including fear, shame, and anxiety. The Behavioral Health clinicians at Duke Lifestyle and Weight Management can offer a safe and constructive environment for you to identify and understand these emotions. Their expertise enables them to guide you through the psychological challenges often accompanying weight gain and weight loss, empowering you to develop effective coping strategies and foster a positive mindset.

Identifying Underlying Issues

Sometimes weight gain, difficulties in losing weight, or regaining weight upon completing a diet, may stem from psychological factors such as excessive stress, anxiety, and depression. Duke’s Behavioral Health clinicians possess the necessary skills to work with you to identify and address underlying issues. Understanding how situations, thoughts, and feelings impact weight can create opportunities to develop healthy, self-affirming coping strategies.

Behavior Modification

Weight loss involves more than just adhering to a strict diet and exercise regimen; it necessitates creating mindfulness and an environment of support to maintain weight loss across the lifespan. A Behavioral Health clinician can collaborate with you to assess your current supports, habits, and beliefs surrounding food and physical activity and help you create goals that promote sustainable weight loss and healthier lifestyle choices.

Goal Setting

A Behavioral Health clinician will help you set treatment goals to alleviate emotional issues and help you develop mindfulness around your relationship with food and behavior.

Body Image and Self-Esteem

A Behavioral Health clinician can help you work towards self-acceptance and self-worth, with a focus on self-care and self-love rather than solely on weight or appearance.

By addressing the psychological aspects of weight management, Behavioral Health clinicians provide invaluable expertise by helping individuals overcome emotional barriers and identify underlying issues which interfere with successful weight loss and weight management. If you are considering a weight loss journey, and feel overwhelmed by the emotional aspects of weight loss and weight management, consider working with a Behavioral Health.

About Duke Lifestyle & Weight Management Behavioral Services

We believe your mind is as important as your body when trying to achieve your weight and health goals. That’s why we offer behavioral health counseling. They help you to identify behaviors and emotions that prevent successful weight loss, such as binge eating, emotional and mindless eating, self-image concerns, anxiety, and life stress. We help you build confidence and motivation to make healthy lifestyle changes and reach your goals.

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