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Nurturing Well-Being Journeys – Q&A with Duke Health & Well-Being Coach Training Program Serena Jain

August 21, 2023

Serena Jain, from Princeton, NJ, was first introduced to yoga and meditation as a young child. But it wasn’t until 2020 that Serena embarked on a transformational path to bring integrative health and well-being coaching to corporate leaders, women’s groups, and individuals seeking to become more present in their lives. Serena shared her experience completing the Duke Health & Well-Being Coach Training in 2022 and how the program was a natural fit for her already well-rounded background.

Serena Jain, mindfulness educator & facilitator, integrative health and well-being coach, and speaker in private practice at

What motivated you to apply and register for the Health Coach Training?

As a mindfulness educator & facilitator, I work with students in group and private settings. In addition to deepening their mindfulness practice, many students have requested coaching on various integrative health topics. The Duke program provided the skills to coach students and clients in one-to-one and group settings to create and sustain the integrative health habit changes they seek while incorporating mindfulness. The program was a natural fit for me to coach students and clients in the changes they seek.

Please describe your experience in the program.

The Duke Health & Well-Being Coach training program was one of the most beneficial programs I have taken thus far. Not only did it provide a solid knowledge base of integrative health and well-being, but it also provided coach skills training with live experiential practice sessions using real-world scenarios. It was instrumental to learn coaching skills and then to be able to practice the skills in 1-1 and small group settings with immediate feedback from CTAs (coach training assistants)! I also enjoyed the guest speakers Duke brought to share knowledge about the coaching industry and the future of the field.

“The Duke HWB Coach training program was one of the most beneficial programs I have taken thus far.”

How did the program help you grow professionally?

The program has done wonders for my professional career. I have expanded my business to provide coaching services to individual and organizational clients, including non-profit organizations, private companies, academic settings, holistic health centers, acupuncture clinics, CEOs, women’s groups, retirees, college students, young professionals, and more. Due to the program, I have also been invited to give keynote talks on integrative health.

What would you tell others considering applying to the program?

The Duke Health & Well-Being Coach Training program provides the education, foundational skills, and experience necessary to become a highly skilled coach. This program has helped me expand my career and grow as a professional. I highly recommend this program and can’t say enough about its benefits!

Interested in Becoming a Health & Well-Being Coach?

Duke Health & Well-Being’s world-class program will teach you how to dynamically engage individuals to make transformational health behavior changes that maximize their health and well-being.

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