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The 2018 “Best of the Best” in Health and Wellness

December 19, 2018

By Jocelyn Weiss, PhD, MPH

It can be difficult to keep on top of all the great resources out there for your health and wellness, especially with new ones popping up every day. As a little holiday gift to you, we have collated some “Best of” lists for podcasts, books, mobile apps, and other information that can help to support your health and wellness goals in 2019.


Podcasts are a great way to be in the know and to hear current, topical information in any area in which you are interested. Literally. If there’s something you want to dive into, there’s likely a podcast out there on it. Many podcasts include interviews with experts in the field, researchers, authors, or everyday folk who represent a particular episode’s topic. Podcasts can either be streamed or downloaded, making them easily accessible just about anywhere, anytime.

The Best Health & Fitness Podcasts (Refinery29)

The 43 Best Meditation Podcasts You Need to Be Listening to in 2018 (Counter Culturist)

Phone Apps 

Just like there’s a podcast for just about everything, there’s also a phone app for just about everything. Since we all generally have our phones by our sides from the time we wake until the time we sleep, they help make for great accountability partners when we are looking to make or sustain health behavior changes. Not only can we calendar in appointments and reminders for health-related activities, but there are apps to support your mindfulness practice, discover workouts, log your meals, and more.

Best Meditation Apps of 2018 (Healthline)

The 18 Best Health and Fitness Apps of 2018 (Men’s Journal)

Blogs and Social Media

There is no getting around the internet and social media these days as resources for health and wellness knowledge and inspiration. Whether blogs, Facebook, or Instagram, you can find never-ending content with recipes, workouts, yoga poses, and words of wisdom. The one caveat is deciphering which sources are credible and resonate best with you.

The 50 Best Health Blogs (Detailed)

6 Wellness Blog You Should Be Reading in 2018 (Take Care Of)

23 Instagram Accounts For Instant Fitness Motivation (Women’s Health)

The Best Healthy Eating Instagram Accounts (Vogue)


Self-help books used to be the outcasts of the bookstore – where you almost felt uncomfortable if someone spotted you in that section. These days, most of us are more free to admit that we are all a work in progress and there are always new things to learn and ways to grow. Though we have so much information accessible through our fingertips and technology, there is still something about receiving the information, advice, and inspiration through the pages of a book.

15 Books That Will Change Your Life in 2018 (Today)

18 Transformative Wellness Books (MindBodyGreen)

Best Guided Journals (MindBodyGreen)

Nutrition and Fitness

These last few are less of information resources and more resources in themselves if you are looking to make some shifts in your fitness and nutrition, including highlights of the latest physical activity guidelines from the U.S. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

The 10 Biggest Fitness Trends of 2018, According to Fitness Trainers (Self Magazine)

Top 10 Things to Know About the Second Edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans (

Best Diets to Try in 2018, According to Experts (U.S. News and World Report)

Disclaimer: We have not utilized or evaluated every item in these lists and are in no manner endorsing them. We are sharing the resources for your own personal exploration in the hopes that you might find some that resonate and are supportive for you.

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